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Our Story

ALOHA!  I am a Hawaii artisan located on the island of Oahu.  All of my products are designed and handmade in Hawaii, USA.

I learned to make flower leis as a child born and raised in Hawaii.   Flower leis, when given to a loved one, are a beautiful symbol of love and respect, but sadly do not last very long.  Ribbon leis were the perfect solution since they will last for many years and still retain their beauty.

Over the past 15+ years my practical hobby has turned into a passion for designing and making unique, quality ribbon leis.  I have made and sold hundreds (quite possibly close to a thousand) of leis at craft fairs on Oahu as well as in Arizona and Washington.

Our Products

All of my products are handmade.

A "fancy" lei is typically composed of 5 different ribbons totaling about 70 yards all together.  The ribbon is then hand cut with a scissors into pieces 2 - 2.25 inches long, usually over 1,000 individual pieces.  The pieces of ribbon are then folded and sewn by hand onto a bonded nylon thread in different patterns as well as color combinations to a length of 38 inches.

Hat leis are similarly made with a length of 24 inches.  A ribbon tie is added to make the lei adjustable to fit most hats.

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